Covenant University is no doubt one of the best higher institutions in Nigeria. It is also one of the universities with seemingly unthinkable codes of conducts.

Some of the acts people don’t believe amount to an offence in other universities are enshrined in the covenant university handbook as punishable offences that either get you rusticated or expelled.

This rulebook applies to all students because the school management does not recognise any sacred cow in the University.

This is evident in the statement of the Chancellor of the University when he said in an interview that his adopted son, governors’ children and relatives of a former president of Nigeria were once rusticated.

What was their offence? They were rusticated simply because they refused to follow the University rules » .

So, if Bishop David Oyedepo’s son could be rusticated from the University, then anyone caught violating the rule can be kicked out like the son of nobody.

Students have been suspended or expelled for these five acts which in other institutions may be nothing. But hey, CU authorities believe they are punishable.

1 Watching or listening to worldly music:

If you think listening to music is not an offence, it depends on the kind of music you are playing. If you get an A in a difficult test and you play Olamide’s ‘Wo’ to celebrate yourself, you should be ready to pack your books and bags out of the university.

Such was the fate of a 400 level student in 2012 who was expelled for watching indecent and secular music on his laptop.

Meanwhile, the students’ handbook says a student of the institution is not allowed to be in possession of any unholy material in the form of pictures, music or videos.

2 Church service attendance:

As a student in Covenant University, you cannot, I repeat you cannot afford to miss any church service. Church service is one of the main activities for which the school is known and your father’s presidential connection cannot be exchanged for that.

In 2012, about 200 students were expelled for their ”disregard of paramount core values”. Chapel attendance is the number one rule under student conduct in the school’s handbook. It reads: “Chapel attendance is mandatory for all students. All students are expected to maintain decorum during Chapel services ”

SO, if you can not keep to this rule, keep off. If you go there to form you are spiritual and not religious, you’ll end up practising your spirituality in another university.

3. Easter Program Attendance:

In April 2017, a group of 200 students were suspended for refusing to attend the Easter program tagged Youth Alive.

The parents and students described the suspension as unjust, but to the management, that sounds like a story for the Gods because they were all aware of the ever living rules before their admission into the Univerisity.

4. Rocking Waist Trimmer.

Wearing waist trimmer according to the handbook is an act of indecent behaviour manifested through reckless dressing.

A 200 Level student of the Department of Mass Communication was once suspended for wearing waist trimmer. However, his suspension order was changed to expulsion after a search carried out in his hostel room showed he had lipsticks, pancake, and other make-up items.

Oops! that guy was gay. No he was just effeminate. Whatever name you call his act, the university seriously disapproves any homosexual tendency and the boy knew, at least he had the handbook.

The University’s position on homosexuality is captured in the handbook and it reads: Any act of lesbianism or homosexualism is strictly prohibited in the Halls of Residence, within the University and outside the University environment.

5 Pornography 

If there is any offence that attracts immediate expulsion from CU, it is the sex-related ones. The university frowns so much at everything sexy. If you are looking for campus hot legs, you cannot find them in this institution because the rule says all skirts must be five to seven inches below the knees.

This is why two students in 2015 were expelled for having pornographic images on their phones.

There are hundreds of other rules in the University handbook that attract rustication or expulsion. These are a few offences for which students have been rusticated or expelled in recent times.

And since the knowledge of the rules precedes admission, it is advisable that students get to know about these rules before accepting the admission letter.


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