The goal of every student is to be successful in their studies and to achieve that, it has to be worked for.

And believe me, working to achieve this isn’t a hard task. All you need is to have the right study habits, because the difference between great and average students lies in their study habits.

Some students have mastered the act of studying smart …and you too can.

This is why it seems some students know how to pass exams better than others without working as hard as you’re doing.

You want to know their formula? It is no magic.

You only need to double your academic efforts with these five habits of successful students.

1. Study proactively, don‘t cram

If cramming has always been your approach to exams, it’s high time you gave it up for a better method.

Successful students don’t cram, they study pro-actively by preparing well ahead of the examinations.

Instead of leaving your exam preparations for the last minute, you need to set aside time for your studies every day. Go through your notes and join a study group to enhance your understanding of topics.

2. Don‘t skip lectures

This is one of the many reasons students score low grades in exams and continuous assessment. A student who skips lectures will most likely miss an impromptu test and write out of context in exams.

So, make sure you make it a habit to attend all lectures.

Remember some lecturers like you to give them answers to exam questions same way they taught you in the class. If you miss such lecturer’s class, you are likely going to carry his course over.

3. Set a study schedule

You need to find out what works for you and set your study schedule around it. When do you assimilate better, day or night?

Class or library, with music or serenity?

Are you more productive before you go to bed or after sleeping for some time? Set your study timetable around what works for you and stick to it.

4. Find a study group

Studying together with your colleagues can help you learn faster » than studying alone either in your hostel or in the library.

A study group allows you to understand those aspects of the lectures or textbook that are not clear to you. Instead of fusing and racking your head to break down these difficult aspects, you can easily ask your colleagues in the study group

5. Take care of yourself

While you try your best to study smart, also make time to take care of yourself.

Sometimes, stress can get the best of you when all you do is to shuttle between your hostel, lecture rooms and the library only to study.

Don’t ignore the importance of those six or eight hours sleep. It goes a long way to improve your memory and make it active.

Make sure you eat regularly, drink enough and get enough of sleep no matter how busy you are.


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