5 Major Misconceptions About CONVENANT UNIVERSITY 


A lot of people ,who think they know one or two things about Covenant University students » hold certain misconceptions about them.

This may be so because their school is deeply associated with a religious entity and many people seem to see and judge the students of the institution from that religious perspective.

Covenant University students, like every other young Nigerians in tertiary institutions experience campus life.

Though they might as students in a faith-based institution need to have their Bible close as their books, this does not mean some of the opinions people hold about them are correct.

Here are five misconceptions about Covenant University students.

1. They have no social life

One of the strongest misconceptions about Covenant University students is that they are socially dead students who are locked up on their campus only to attend lectures and sermons.

Some people also believe that CU students are social misfits because their school management does not allow them to attend parties or organise carnivals.

Nah, this is completely incorrect. CU students might truly not be attending parties like UNILAG students or organise campus carnivals like students of the University of Ibadan, but this does not make them socially dead.

Despite the social activities in other universities, there are still students that are socially awkward. Being sociable is not a function of campus parties and carnivals.

2. They are the churchgoing type

Many people also tend to believe that all covenant university students are churchy lots, who take religious devotion more seriously than their academic commitment.

Lie, lie. This is not true. Attending church programs is truly one of the rules at Covenant University, it does not mean the students attend church 24/7.

CU students aren’t churchy as you might believe. A lot of them only attend the church programs because it is the university rules, which they have to obey.

The school itself makes it clear in its mission statement that it is committed to producing industry leaders. (not churchy graduates)

And if you think, Covenant University are church-going types, go to other universities. The University of Benin had to recently ban fellowships on campus. Why? Because according to the school management, different fellowship group spring up every time.

3. They are trustfund kids

Covenant University is one of the most

expensive private institutions in Nigeria » . Its tuition fees range from N817,500 to N882,500.

Expensive? Yes. And this is why many believe Covenant University students are trust-fund kids, who rely on their parents’ wealth rather than hard work for a living.

This is an unfounded claim like others. Some CU students have their own means of income even as students. A lot of them have the opportunity of gaining employment immediately after graduation.

And with the quality of education and training they receive, you don’t expect employers not to rate them above students who graduated from institutions that are troubled with ASUU strike every year. So, not all Covenant University graduates rely on their parents’ wealth.

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4. They are socially awkward

Students that are not allowed to party or see life outside of their campus are bound to be socially awkward. This is what some people think of Covenant University students.

But I beg to disagree. Nigerian famous sensational singer, Simi is a graduate of this faith-based institution and she is not socially awkward.

Besides, CU students are not totally cut out of social activities. They enjoy campus life as much as Federal University students do.

Like other schools, CU organises shows for its students. Alumnus like Olu Salako , popularly known as Boda Wasiu on Instagram discovered himself as a comedian at Covenant University.

Another comedians, Victor Ebiye and the Big Brother Naija star, DeeOne both graduated from Covenant University. These guys can’t be socially awkward and still find themselves in the entertainment industry.

5. They don‘t work hard for their grades

Many people also tend to believe that public universities students work harder than their private university counterparts and that is why it is more difficult to make first class degree in public tertiary institutions.

Holding onto a belief like this is an attempt to reduce the hard work of private university lecturers and their students.

Covenant University is doing well enough to produce total graduates.

And an institution that demands 100 percent compliance from students to the rules of the school will not take pride in churning out half backed graduates. I am sure some of us agree that Covenant University is one of the best tertiary institutions in Nigeria.


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