The University of Lagos, UNILAG has 13 hostels for its undergraduate students, seven of which are for female students and six for male.

Each of this hostel is famous for one thing or the other, but what they all have in common is the fact that they are named after historical figures and prominent individuals in Art, Education, and Media.

Of this 13 hall of residence, certain hostels are more popular and are regarded as top five hostels in the institution.

1. King Jaja Hostel

Named after Jaja of Opobo, the merchant prince and founder of Opobo in present-day River State, this hostel is said to be the most popular male hostel in UNILAG. Spacious and well-designed with rooms that have the capacity to occupy eight individuals. The hostel also has huge lockers for students to keep their belongings.

King Jaja Hostel also has a good common room, where you can recreate, relax and also enjoy access to the internet. Apart from this, if you a soccer fan, you will also find this hostel very attractive because you can watch live matches in the common room.

2. Queen Moremi Hall

Obviously, this is the home of the campus queens. This hall is named after Queen Moremi Ajasoro, who in Yoruba historical accounts of her is described as a beautiful woman of high class.

Queen Moremi Hall is a popular female hostel and its residents are commonly referred to as ladies of high class. Describing this hall as Queens’ Hostel is not only because this it has a high concentration of ‘posh ladies’ but also because of the excellent facilities in it.

Built to occupy four residents in a room, this hall has a spacious common room for students to relax and catch fun.

3. Mariere Hall

This Hall is named after the first Chancellor of the University of Lagos, Jereton Mariere who was also the first governor of the defunct Bendel state.

Popularly known as the Baluba Kingdom, Mariere Hall is probably one of the neatest male halls with steady water supply and fine eatery. Its location allows students in the Faculty of Art and Engineering to have easy access to their lecture rooms. It also makes access to the Automated Teller Machines on campus very easy because of its closeness to the commercial banks in the institution.

4. Madam Tinubu Hall

Usually called MTH for short, this female hostel is named after Madam Efunroye Tinubu of Lagos . MTH is famous in UNILAG for its clean and well-kept surroundings. Residents of this hostels are fondly referred to as ladies of gold. MTH is one out of the seven female hostels students are proud of.

5. Saburi Biobaku Hall

Prof Saburi Biobaku hostel is one of the foremost halls of residence for male undergraduates. This hostel is occupied by male students in Faculties of Education and Environmental Sciences.

The location of this hostel contributes to the serenity the hostel enjoys because of it’s closeness to the staff quarters.


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