Campus cult groups depend on the invitation of new members to flourish. 

These groups take advantage of naivety and innocence of the new students on campus.

Just like every other group like Christian students association and Muslim students association try to get the attention of the freshers same way the cult group look out for new entrants to increase their followership.

A lot of students were coerced to join the cult group under duress because they were too naive to recognise cult group movement around them.

For admission seekers, congratulations if you just gained admission into a higher instittution. This piece forms part of the series of orientation programs you’ll attend in your first month on campus.

So, to avoid being lured into cultism, these five tips will help you.

Avoid bad company:

Freshers are quick to make friends amongst themselves. It is fine to make friends and socialise but beware of bad company. Do not be carried away by the sense of freedom that usually sweeps the minds of new university entrants and lose sight on your primary assignment in the institution.

And when you suspect your campus friend is moving with some strange faces, keeps late night and become secretive, it is better you keep away rather than getting curious to know what your friend is up to.

Mind what you wear:

Your choice of colour might endear you to cult members. You might be seen as a potential member if you don’t know what colour is an identity of what group. Your love for a particular colour may drag you in. So watch it.

Avoid attending parties of people you dont know :

As a new university entrant, attending parties in your few days on campus might be too early and might expose you to being studied by cult groups before they eventually approach you to join them.

If you don’t know the celebrant, there is no point attending such parties.

Give your studies more attention:

Your primary assignment in the university is not to make many friends and become the popular student everyone knows on campus. Neither is it to spend your time engaging in activities that do not have any direct effect on your academics.

If you cut the look of a serious student who will not play with his studies, no cult member would be bold enough to distract you from your studies to invite you to join them.

Channel your exuberance to good courses:

One of the qualities cult groups look out for in freshers is their exuberance. Your display of energy and excitement could endear you to them. When you are exuding your good qualities, make sure you are channelling them to good courses that are inimical to secret cult activities.


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