Some people believe that students in higher institutions always have cash because they usually lie to to get money from their parents

While this may be true, it does not take away the fact that some students genuinely make money from their skill set. And this applies to only students who know how to make money on campus.

Nigerian University is one environment where chasing academic dream and money don’t really mix because of conflict of interest, still you can find a way around it.

If you have one of these five skills, you’ll make money and chase your academic dream simultaneously without missing a class or test.

A lot of students are making money from these skills already, and it is never too late for you to join the campus moneyed guys and ladies. Arm yourself with these five and thank me later.


Photography is a big business any serious student photographer can make money. You can make cash covering birthdays and taking pictures of campus models since a lot of students are now going into modelling.

Apart from this, you can as a student make more than N100,000 covering social events like wedding ceremonies in one weekend. Again, you can connect yourself with departmental presidents and be the official photographers of their events.

You can as well work your way to become the official campus photographer of a media house if you are very skillful at telling stories with pictures.

Just get a very good camera, learn photography and you will never run out of money. I assure you.

Graphic design:

This skill is also in high demand. Graphic designers are needed everywhere these days. Since every business finds it difficult to survive without being online, graphic designers are as highly needed as businesses need a digital presence.

As a student-graphic person, you will make a lot of money designing visual concepts such as logo, banners, advertisements, brochures, magazines and so on for big and small businesses.

Your knowledge and skill of graphics will not only fetch you money as a student but will also earn you instant employment immediately after graduation because by then you would have established yourself as a reliable self-employed graduate making money from what you enjoy doing.

Video Editing:

The world is tilting more towards video consumption. Instagram artists for instance need the services of video editors to survive.

As a student video editor, you can make a lot of cash from video editing and buy your editing gadgets from the money you make on campus » .

Undergraduates in Mass Communication department largely depend on the service of video editors for their practicals.

If your school has a mass communication department, you will have to make few friends in the department . You can make money from them by assisting them to edit their video productions and even project work for them.


Your writing skill can also help you make some money on campus. Freelancing and blogging are associated with writing and with your writing gift, you can conveniently make money either by writing for other platforms and get paid for your contents or establish a campus blog and make money from it through Google ads.

Again, writing every day could prepare you and earn you a job in a media house or a book publishing firm. Someone might fall in love with your writing and ask you to freelance for his or her platform.



With your laptop and internet access, you can make cash from online registration. You can assist fellow students with course registration, Scholarship applications, School fees payment and charge them for the service.

All these will keep your pocket happy if only you are willing to learn these skills and make money from them. You will also enjoy being a student because you won’t have any worry about buying books and paying school fees.


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