Enactus Covenant University Launches Online Artisan-Booking Platform

The Enactus Covenant University in partnership with team Anfani launches online servicing platform where reliable artisans get connected to customers.


Enactus Covenant University team has partnered with team Anfani to launch an E-commerce solution that gives customers easy access to reliable artisans and connects artisans to customers faster.

[bctt tweet=”Nigerian Students’ online platform on the path of creating 10 million jobsfor artisans in sub-Saharan Africa.” username=”@theowlcampus”]

The platform, formally referred to as Tunse was coined from a Yoruba word meaning “to repair or to build” as is exemplified by the occupation of most artisans. 

Tunse is benchmarked on the premise of creating new job opportunities and ensuring a seamless service delivery between artisans and their clients by connecting these clients to artisans closest to them based on their specific needs.

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