Running out of cash on campus is really a thing a lot of Nigerian students can relate to.

Raise your hand if you have never been broke while in school and we’ll tell the son or daughter of whom you are.

Seriously, being broke sucks, you’ll understand these situation if you have ever been there.

The moment your purse and bank account begin to look deserted, you know the time to adjust your taste has come before you receive another alert again.

But before you smile to the bank again, you would probably have gone through these struggles.

Your hostel is dry, you need to manage the little you have, so start paying visit to your friends.

The junks you use to avoid is now your favourite.

And because of your financial condition, you just want to eat anything that comes your way.

You now realize that concoction and jollof have same nutrients cos they are both yellow in colour.

Before now, you love to get your stuff from the best grocery stores on campus but that is no longer in your budget.

Now, you’ve learnt to attend all campus events, where free snacks and drinks are shared.

And any event that will make you spend your money is a no no for you.

Meanwhile, this is you whenever your bank account and wallet are bustling with money

Now you are broke and every time you hear pankam, you think it is a bank alert

When you finally receive the alert, you smile to the bank like this.

And you resume your suspended baby boy’s life…money is back.


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