I FEEL GREAT AND BLESSED WORKING WITH WIZKID (Exclusive Interview With Foremost Graphics Designer “TRIO GRAPHICS “)


Campus Reporter: Hey bro,  Sup?

Trio Graphics  : i’m good bro

Campus Reporter: Can We Know Your Full Name?

Trio :Joshua Ifejuwon Oladehinde

Campus Reporter: Your State Of Origin?

Trio: Oyo State

 Campus Reporter: Which School Are You Studying At Presently?

Trio: National Open University of Nigeria(NOUN)

 Campus Reporter: Your Course Of Study?

TRIO: Mass Communication

Campus Reporter: How do you come about your Brand Name,  TRIO GRAPHICS?

TRIO: TRIO is derived from 3 {Three}, the digit  has come up so many many times in my life and base on my believe on The Christian doctrine of the Trinity which is God The father, The Son and the Holy Spirit which keeps motivating and inspiring  me all day long and also turns out to be  my best digit

Campus Reporter: Waoh!!!  When did you started graphics designing?

TRIO: 2013

Campus Reporter: Where does your inspiration comes from?

TRIO: Of course from God we would all say, but God Use alot of ways to inspire me, like my




*People Around Me

*Market Places

*Movie Soundtracks 

And so many more but all still leads back to GOD

Campus Reporter: Cool,  Who do you look up to in the entertainment industry?

TRIO: Myself

Campus Reporter: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

TRIO: Well am so happy with the stage  i’m now and i know in the next few years i will be Moving way up the ranks

Campus Reporter: Who is the biggest artiste you have actually design for?

TRIO: Tekno & Wizkid

Campus Reporter: Waoh,  That’s Massive. How do you feel working with Superstars Like Them?

TRIO: I feel Great nd Blessed

Campus Reporter: Do you charge for designs?

TRIO: Yeah

 Campus Reporter: Range of how much?

TRIO: Its depend on type of designs it is the price range is Confidential tho

Campus Reporter: Your greatest disappointment?

Trio : None

Campus Reporter: Your Favorite Graphics Designer?

Trio: Redink Media and Lore Concept

Campus Reporter: That Graphics Designer You Wish To Work Or Get Connected With?

Trio: AmazingKlef

Campus Reporter: What Are The Challenges Faced By An Upcoming Graphics Designer?

Trio: There are alot of challenges tho but to me i dont see it as challenges i call it motivation cause without sacrifice they will be no victory,  so for me coming up have gat no challenges

Campus Reporter: Who is your favorite musical artiste?

Trio: Maleek Berry

 Campus Reporter: One Secret About You?

Trio: I love Cassava Flack (Garri)😂 Alot

Campus Reporter: Funny,  Alright Thanks For Your Time Bro

Trio: You welcome bro,  Am honoured


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