Every year, in most Nigerian universities, there’s a week set aside for final year students to celebrate their final days in school.

More like a tradition, they set out in different attires depending on the occasion of each day of that particular week.

Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, final year Students celebrate their first day of the “Final Year Brethren” week with ‘Back to school,’ where students get to flaunt their secondary school wears and make merry.

This year, as usual, it was all smiles with extra energy and excitement in the air as they basked in the euphoria of their soon-but-not-yet victory, as even though it was meant to be a free week for all of them, some still had lectures, while a few others reportedly had tests.

This played a large role in the low turnout, asides the fact that some didn’t see reasons to celebrate just yet.

Correspondents of the UCJ LAUTECH, however, spoke to a couple of them, and most, if not all, expressed their joy as they knew with absolute certainty that it would all be over soon.

When asked what it felt like to have their sign out activities after a long time, Omooseparo, a member of the Sign out activities planning committee gave utmost glory to God for sparing his life, as “only God has planned his life thus far.”

When asked what it was to be a member of the planning committee, he said “I believe everything in school should not be solely based on academics. Academics should be only 50% while other things like social activities, emotional lifestyle and so on should make up the rest.”

“Being a member of the planning committee has been challenging so far, I have been up and doing to ensure that this week turns out to be a success. I have not really attended classes but I pray to God to be with me all through,” he added.

Another student, Olaotan , of Computer Science department expressed her gratitude to the Almighty after spending seven years on campus.

It is no surprise though, as truly, they should have graduated a long time ago but for the recent 15 months strike, and one can only imagine the feeling that comes with knowing that soon, it would all be coming to an end.


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