Miss Aquilla Otobong Akpan Celebrates Her Birthday With Special Children

Perhaps by celebrating birthdays with these children, you are making them realise what they don't have.


Miss Aquilla Otobong Akpan

What could be nobler than spending time with kids at the Special children’s home or an orphanage, right? The smile that greets you when you enter their home, makes for a better picture than any camera could capture.

The Special Adviser to Akwa Ibom Governor on Students Matter Miss Aquilla Otobong Akpan celebrated her birthday with the Special children.

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She went with few of her friends to celebrate her birthday with the kids. She gave the Special Kids lots of gifts and food items. Miss Aquilla took her time to also interact with the children and danced with them.

Speaking with the newsmen, She imploy Nigerians to give back to their community by paying more visit to the special children or the orphanage homes because it brings joy to these children. In reality, perhaps, your visit to an orphanage gives you more than it gives the kids.

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[bctt tweet=”Enjoyed the little things in life, for one day I will look back and realize they were the big things.” #MissAquilla” username=”theowlcampus”]

In her appreciation post on her Facebook profile, she said: “Enjoyed the little things in life, for one day I will look back and realize they were the big things.” I went to the special children’s home and later on to the General Hospital ituk Mbang For the special joy added to my life you are thanked in every possible way. I didn’t just see the love I felt loved.


She thanks everyone for making is day a memorable one. On behalf of the Entire team of The OWL Campus Media, we Celebrate you.

Miss Aquilla Otobong Akpa


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