NANS hit UI; warn Management over rusticated student leaders #SaveUI


A flyer has been spotted around the premises of University of Ibadan, indicating the presence of representatives from NANS (National Association of Nigerian Students).

Yesterday, 2nd July, a group of persons were seen sharing a leaflet bearing demands by NANS, concerning issues of: the school’s recent ban on commercial motorcycles, the suspended student union, and the rusticated student leaders especially including Ojo Aderemi— the suspended president of the now-defunct UI Students Union Government.

This is sequel to threats earlier given by the NANS that they would storm the University of Ibadan, to purportedly save the students.

As contained in a press statement printed behind the flyer, NANS has accused the UI Vice Chancellor of reneging on his promises of reinstating the Students Union, and that ‘rather than fulfilling the promises, the Vice Chancellor rusticated the Students’ Union President, the Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Clerk and Chief Whip for no justifiable reasons’.

The statement also indicts the UI Management of enforcing ‘harsh anti-student policies like the ban on the commercial use of bikes, making life hard for students.’

The demands by NANS as included in the press statement, involve ‘immediate reversal of the ban on commercial use of bikes and other anti-student policies; immediate reinstatement of the Students’ Union; immediate restatement of Ojo Aderemi and other rusticated student leaders.’

Meanwhile, various feelings from students have since trailed the presence of the association as some are either in support of or against the NANS’ mission to ‘#saveUI’.


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