OAU Students Strive to Survive as Butteries are Locked


Early Hour of today, the butteries in halls of residence where students buy goods and basic commodities have been ordered by DSA under the leadership of Dr Mrs Akinola to be locked while students strive to survive.

Obafemi Awolowo University students in halls of residence were welcomed with a new directive from the Division of Students Affairs for all butteries to go on a lockdown after these butteries’ owners have paid 50,000 each to buy “acceptance form” before the birth of January 2017, between December 29th and 31st to be specific.

On a reminder note, the Division of Students Affairs OAU through the office of the security unit had informed students of closure of commercial activities in halls of residence before the end of last semester which would take effect by this time as a tactic against alleged crimes inspired by the presence of these butteries.

Information reaching us from one of the affected butteries in one of the halls of residence is that all butteries paid 50,000 each to get what may be called an “acceptance form” before January 2017 while tailors and barbers and others not selling comestible goods paid 20,000 for the same form. Also, they are to get ready for an interview which till then their butteries should stay locked.

Students react in all halls of residence against this unbearable directive which is only at the detrimental end of the students as to even buy a sachet of pure water, one would need to travel down to central market or even to get a cube of maggi. One of the students said :
*”Are we to start drinking the fungi oriented water running in our tanks as butteries have been locked?”*

Another student was also heard saying:
*”Where do they want us to get food stuffs? If this persist till Monday, there will surely be a protest.”*


Source: Oau Kilonshele 


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