The Students Union Public Relation Officer of Osun State College of Education Comrade Baba   Bale  Taofeeq, the Welfare Director Comrade Opeyemi a.k.a OPY4TO and other vibrant comrade in the institution took a bold step on Wednesday 26th of April to find a lasting solution to the ongoing strike in the institution. 

After a long agitation and consultation, comr. TAOFEEQ gave in details how to journey went and believe that their effort will put End to the strike soon. 

Bellow is the unedited report:

I want everyone to believe that this agitation we are in to, is for the benefit of our great college, how to keep it well. Solidarity to all 100L and 200L students of U.I that unexpectedly the exam stopped I want to acknowledged us that the reason for your examination to stopped till further notice is for the sake of peace and tranquility to know the way out.

This is the update of where I went to yesterday with my vibrant comrade, Comrade Opeyemi a.k.a OPY4TO the welfare director.
After been dispatched the letter to all various quarters and pasted one to directorate for visibility to all the good students to see where we are and where we land to.

We visited Dean Students Affairs (D.S.A) but unfortunately we met his absence in the office perhaps he may have went on official assignment, as we left his office, straight down to the office Students Affairs Officer (S.A.O) we told him all what is going on in the school and he told us that this issue called the Governing Council Chairman back home from Lagos and promised to dialogue with COEASU Union member today.
We also let him know that things are going wrong in the school and he promised that everything is going to be settled before next week. 

We left the area straight to the office of *COEASU Chairman in the respect of Mr Lana* fortunately he was coming down with a visitor and he told us to wait which is a good privileged to us that he allowed us to his office by having a meeting with him. We waited as he instructed us and thank God he showed up after some minutes greetings us with aluta greeting and we salute him.

We gave him letter and he cross check and he applaud us for a good job but we let him know that its not from our heart to stopped the activities of our school and we ask him what is the way out sir hope the students who are written there are exam we continued tomorrow and he told us that he can’t say because if the management refused to pay there are arrears there won’t be anything call a resumption to the work.

I asked him that I learnt that Governing Council Chairman arrived to Ilesha yesterday because of this issued and he said it maybe so, because there we be a meeting between the Management and COEASU UNION in the boardroom today by 11am this morning. So he made it clear that it maybe possible to see the Governing Council Chairman in that meeting but as at this moments he never received any such information.

In addition with a series of questions from me and welfare we asked him that there is a rumored which we want him to put light to the rumored, we asked him that we heard that the COEASU UNION has been given the total amount of Ten million Seven Hundred Thousands (10,700,000) he let us know that he never heard such but probably it maybe possible because processing of such a thing can last like 3days or 4days before taking it to the various banks where they are going to dispatched it to all various of accounts that COEASU members are using, but as his talking to us he never received any kind of message and he never received alert form his phone.

I asked him for the way out with series of begging how our academic we not be destabilised and he told us the only way which our begging can bring a good fruit out is to meet the management as well that the demanding of seven months (7months) out of fifteen months (15months) own should be paid before they can say anything out of this pleading but he promised that if Management ready to pay five months arrears out of fifteen months they are ready to call off the internal strike.

We appreciate him for a little period he gave us and by open his mind to us we all know a tree cannot make a forest I met some comrade with him, like comrade Komolafe  which they also contribute one or two things to this issued. Mr Lana promised to meet with Management today and he promised to call me tomorrow which is Friday to update me where they land to. So the meeting adjourned till Friday 28-04-2017.

As we left the area straight down to the Acting Provost Office but unfortunately we met the absence of Mama.

So we went to Directorate to visit the Director but also we met the absence of him as well but we dropped the message to his secretary that we came to visit him as well.

This is how activities of yesterday between the *STUDENTS UNION, COEASU UNION AND S.A.O*
Great Nigeria Students I appreciate your patients and tranquility you are given to this administration and thanks for peace protest you did yesterday. We promised never to betrayed the trust you have in us.

To all the N.C.E students especially 100L we appreciate your boldness and patients you are having till this moments and kudos to all the Governor, Senators, course reps and all the students of 100L as well for a well deserved moral and intellectual you performed your performance shows that you are all come from a good family.

To the U.I students especially 100L and 200L I praised you for a wonderful good job that you performed although its not an easy task to stopped the exam without been notified and you accept it for the benefit of all, It shows that we one in unity. Thank you for your understanding. I urge everyone that nobody should travel to anywhere because at anytime your exam may commence again. I wish everyone of us a successful in our academic.

Thank you so much for a well deserve and reliable to all the good students of Osun State College of Education Ilesha. Both U.I and N.C.E program.
I submit for now till Friday to see the outcome of the meeting today.






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