OutGoing TASUEDSU President And His Failed Promises


The Outgoing 2017/2018 equipment regime agenda ably led Comrade Bamidele Emmanuel the outgoing President of the TASUED Student’s Union during the heat of the electioneering campaigns, promised to undertake and carry out some projects prior to his emergence but sadly the sweet words of promise could be aptly described as “a promise delayed is a promise denied”

Beyond the countless of promises made, it was also on record, the outgoing President in an audacious spoke about the provision of Marcopolo buses from Abeokuta for easy transportation of commuters shortly after his emergence as the President during an interview with the OWL Campus media but interestingly, this project is yet to see the light of the day even with the persistent patience of the Students.

Reminiscing the Manifesto Night which was indeed an oratory-filled session as different promises rented the air, he said “many in the past (leaders) had failed due to the lack of equipment” this use of “equipment” is inferred to the adequate manpower and supply of revenues. He made claims on how they could win while establishing that soldier can’t go to war without equipment.

Even as people continue to wait vaguely for the promises with their hopes not yet dashed into the thin air, they expect that ‘this ‘ anticipated equipment would be provided soon — all things being equal.

Other lingering problems which include; lack of social amenities/facilities, the proposed solution was to partner with the school management for well-equipped classrooms with conducive atmosphere coupled with a sustainable power supply to facilitate good Educational condition but it appears not to be happening.

The promise list seems endless, one notable promise which swept everyone feet away was the plan to reduce the high cost of living on campus where he made assertions of constructing a business spot to be known as ‘Aluta Ventures’ to help in cost subsidization of items in TASUED market.

In conclusion, standing as the voice of the students and also serving as the eagle’s eye, we hope the incoming regime are gallantly equipped indeed to bring about desired changes and make the students smile again against all odds.


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