By: Odewole Abdul Jemeel (Intellect)

University of Ilorin finally distributed the PC tablets to students admitted during the  2015/2016 academic session.

On Tuesday, the school management brought all eyes on UNILORIN when they declared the distribution starting today, shortly after the Student Union president took to Twitter to confirm the decision.

UCJ UNILORIN was present at the venue of distribution in order to monitor the event and give  a report to the public accordingly.

After what seemed like a forever wait at the Student Affairs Unit, the PC tablets arrived at around 12:20 pm in a black car. It was as if students took the distribution notification as one of the school’s cock and bull story because only a few students were on the queue as at the arrival of the tab. In a twinkle of an eye, more students joined the frenzy of waiters as the news of the arrival went viral.

However, the officer-in-charge of the distribution spelled out the requirements for the distribution, part of which included the PC Tablet payment receipt, 100 level course form and the current session course form. The latter part of these requirements sparked an uproar among the students present, as some complained of not being able to print the current session course form due to the momentary shutdown of the school portal.

But for the timely intervention of *Comrade Solution,* the General Secretary of the SU, the uproar would have taken a different dimension. Acting according to his alias, he proffered a solution to the issues on ground and the uproar died down such that students without the current course form were eventually given the PC tab.

A madam, whose identity was not disclosed but appeared to be a prominent member of staff of the school,  made it known to the students that the outstanding students from 3 different faculties would not be given the tab because their respective faculties faculty officer are yet to submit the list of outstanding students to the Student Affairs Unit as at the time of distribution.

The faculties in question include: Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Education and Faculty of Agriculture. The rests were then called upon and ushered in department by department starting with department of finance, Department of accounting and department of marketing. Thus testifying to the fact that the tab was indeed distributed today.

A 300 level student of Finance who goes by the name Asiwaju Abdul Basit Olawale, expressed his joy over the tab victory saying ‘ The tab is cool, I like it. The fact that its not JKK made my day. I just hope the tab circulates so as not to cause any sentiments among students.’ Asiwaju further expressed his gratitude to the Students’ Union for taking it upon themselves to fight for the students till the end.

The specifications of the tablet goes thus:
Black in color
UNILORIN logo printed on the rear side
One sim slot
One external memory slot
A rear camera
A charger etc

The software  specification has not been ascertained because the students were warned strongly to charge the phone for at least 8 hours before first use to ensure an optimum battery life.

It is hoped that what happened today will go a long way in redeeming the image of the better by far university in the world.



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