SARKODIE IS MY MENTOR (Exclusive Interview With Popular Rapper ROCKMAN Better Known As “TASUED SARKODIE “)


Campusreporters : Hello Rockman,  Sup?

 Rockman : Hello bro

Campusreporters : Can We Know Your Full Name?

Rockman: My names are Ogidan Rokeeb Oladimeji Oluwashindara

Campusreporters : Which School Are You Studying At Presently?

 Rockman : Am a final year student of Tai Solarin University of Education Ijebu ode

Campusreporters: Your Course Of  Study?

Rockman : Health Education

Campusreporters :How Do You Come About Your Stage Name (Rockman)?

Rockman : Well,I love that question

I happened to be an Ex student of Nigeria Military school Zaria,there was this sayings that we are not boys but men,and  you know my first name is Rokeeb and a senior of mine Senior Kelechi do say I don’t do like a boy I always act like a man,so he conjoined the two names for me calling me Rokeeb d man..  So we just have to tush things up bro,you got that? and we change scope to become  Rockman: Apata Okunrin

Campusreporters : Ohh,  So Cool,  We Also Learned Your Fans Call U TASUED SARKODIE , why?

Rockman : Ohh…that’s true,this is majorly because of my tongue twisting abilities and the way I roll tongues on beats or during battles… And also I did a cover on one of Sarkodie most popular track Rap Attack,bro you need to hear as tongue twisters dey comot for dat jam and when we talking about fast rap pacing, Have  seen no one who is fit to challenge me

Campusreporters :Really?  You Sounds So Confident

Rockman : I believe once you  are in love with what you do that boldness and confidence must be number one on your list

Campusreporters : When did you started your music career officially?

Rockman : Dated back to 2012

Campusreporters : Waoh,  That’s Way Back. What Had Kept You Going?

 Rockman : Lemme say my fans and my own personal love for what I do, Because I won’t want to disappoint those who gat real love for me and what I do

Campusreporters ‬: What’s the title of your first official track?

Rockman : I called it Success it was produced by my official producer then Fujee Lomo

Campusreporters ‬: Where does your inspiration comes from?

 Rockman: My Environment,I mean everything around me,and my song is always based on reality and less I forget,everything comes from God whom I call God of music

Campusreporters ‬: Who Is God Of Music?

Rockman :Laughs,   Don’t misquote me bro,I no get any other God oo na Baba God I dey refer to

Campusreporters ‬: Who do you look up to in the Music Industry?

 Rockman : Sarkodie Because  he is my mentor 

Campusreporters ‬: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 Years?

Rockman: I see myself In a place nobody had ever dreamt of or inspired, definitely at the topmost level

Campusreporters ‬: Incase Music Doesn’t Obey,  What Is Or What Are Your Alternative Options?

 Rockman: Weytin go make music not to obey??… Bro the talent dey, we thank God for that,and weytin we dey pray for now na connections and money. Though,  there are some that have all but still no where to be found but still think of those that gat no talent reach person self wey Don blow..

 But back to your question because the worse might happen,I told you earlier that I am a final year student from Health Education department then I will pursue my education career..

Campusreporters ‬: The Biggest Show You Have Ever Performed At?

Rockman : Glo lafta fiesta..

Campusreporters : At Where?

 Rockman : Ibadan at Jogor center..

‬Campusreporters : Do you charge for shows?

 Rockman: You know as an upcoming star some kind of shows will come that you won’t want to fuck up,and some shows dey that you will just have to bone face,  So I do based on who brings the show

Campusreporters ‬: If You Charge For Shows. Your Fees Goes In The Range Of How Much?

Rockman : As an Upcoming Star I still bill from 15k then we negotiate

Campusreporters ‬: Your greatest disappointment?

Rockman : My greatest disappointment will be when my fans stop believing in ,Which can never happen…

Campusreporters : What Are The Challenges You Facing As An Upcoming Artiste?

Rockman: Belief: I mean when people are saying they never believe upcoming star can do well like those Star Artistes,I am always bewildered by that sayings, So i am into this game to clear their doubt

Campusreporters ‬: Which Of Your Tracks Do You Think Had Gave You More Fans?

 Rockman : My Oju Eni mala arito gave me a lot of fans both old and young.. Because the track is banging

Campusreporters : Your favorite producer?

Rockman : Lummy Jay on DA beat

Campusreporters : The producer you wish to work with?

Rockman : I so much wishes to work with Pheelz on DA beat..

Campusreporters : Your favorite record label?

Rockman : I gat many record label I love so much…but first on my list is YBNL

Campusreporters ‬: Do Your Family Support You Doing Music?

Rockman : My family??they surely do.  My mum is giving the full support she should give financially and spiritually(I mean prayers) 

Campusreporters : That’s good,  If Given a Chance,  Which Artiste Will You Like To Feature?

Rockman : I will like to feature Remilekun Khalid Safaru

Campusreporters : Cool,  One Secret about you?

Rockman : I Talk Too Much .

Campusreporters ‬: What’s the title of your latest track?

Rockman : Tell dem ft Lummy jay

Campusreporters ‬: Thanks for your time?

 Rockman : Alright bro..

Campusreporters ‬: You can always promote your tracks on

Rockman. : Thanks bro…  BLESS


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