By: Omobolanle & Olawunmi


On the 6th of February 2017, student of Tai-Solarin university of education marched on to Oke-imosan at Abeokuta to Stage a protest against the increment in fees of some certain services such as the vocational studies which was increased from #1000 to #25000.
The protest was led by the student Union Government Ubutu regime spear healed by comrade Sanni Ramon, the S.U.G president to address the hike in vocational studies fees, lack of amenities and the dilapidated infrastructures, the tax clearance fee of #10,000 and several other issues after which governor gave several explanation.

According to the governor, he stated that he pays monthly allocation to Tasued, contrary to the vice-chancellors defense that the institution is not funded by the government.
However, several student have given reaction on the protest, the student showed their own view and pour out their mind about the protest.

The following are the reaction of some student.
Justice Adekola Kehinde, a student political science department from the college of COSMAS, 300 level said “The protest that took place at Oke-Imosan has serve as a catalyst for more efficient student unionism, he further explain that the protest might eventually lead to more protest because the student are ready to stand to their ground by protesting at any length and this may lead to a violence protest in the future i.e if the student has the driving spirit in them they are ready to fight at large for their right.
A member of the student parliamentary council of Tasued union government in person of comrade Tijani Olayinka who was part of the protest said “The protest has really motivated all student and also bring about change, he said the protest assisted some secret that was exposed e.g the allocation of fund which was not made known to all students.

He further said that there was no hidden agenda concerning the protest i.e it was not accomplished base on their own selfish interest or a platform of making a good record but to open the eye of Tasuedites to see their right which ought to be fought for.

He said the president has taken a step which the coward will never think of.
Another student from the department of Adult Education also contributed to the discussion by saying ” The protest was really good and i think such should be imitate by other school because it was a peaceful one and that would be the first i would be witnessing in Tasued”. She further explain that the tear of the student ought to be seen by the government.
The student has really showed up their view about the protest to the governors office at Oke-Imosan Abeokuta. These are issues which should be addressed by the government, looking at what the governor said and what the school is feeding the student with, we can’t really conclude who is actually saying the fact but the truth is that the student cant cope making them as a source of generating fund.


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