Tai Solarin University of Education Students Union One week trade fair kick off yesterday, Monday 8th of May, 2017 with a huge turn out of student benefiting from the initiative brought together by Ubuntu Regime led by Com. Sanni Ramon. 

The trade fair kick off with displaying of Goods/Wares exactly 11:50a.m. wth immediate patronage from the students. 

It was made know to the press that the First product that went off the trade fair was a Light Blue Mini Gown. 
When talking about gender equity, all they fight for is the female right, but it turn to be the opposite side when there were lot of complaints from the male gender that Male wears were not sold at the Trade Fair.  
Some Also Complained that why is it that it is only Clothes, Handbag, And Shoes that were been Displayed At The Trade Fair. For Example, There Should Be Foodstuffs Like Rice, Beans And Vegetables etc. 
During an interview with the students, Yetunde Osofowowe, an100L student of Educational Management Was Of The Opinion That Their Goods Are Too Expensive. She Cited An Example Of Bumshot Sold At A Thousand Naira At The Trade Fair, She Said Normally Bumshot Is #400 Or #500.  She Also Complained That Those Clothes Are Old.  
Another Student With The Name Odunayo Babalola, An EDM 100L Student Was Of The Opinion That The Trade Fair Is Okay but some of the Clothes Are Old and Some Of Them Doesn’t Worth Their Tagged Price.  

A student identify as Fatima, an Honourable from COSPED Constituency benefited from the initiative as she deplay her products at the train fair. 


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