THE NEXT DELE MOMODU (@DeleMomodu) JOURNEY – @EmmaTallest


I Have gotten series of Messages from fans and friends alike on the reason(s) am obessed with Otunba Dele Momodu, the Ile-Ife Born Journalist turned Publisher, Businessman and Politician. The factors responsible for this are countless, I the first time i heard the name Otunba Dele Momodu was about a decade ago, i was in secondary school then, there was this book i read where Ovation Magazine was touted to be the most expensive Magazine in Nigeria, i was damn curious, I had to read some of his Interviews and minor biographies, I think we have something in common, his strugles most especially his childhood to adulthood were similar to mine, Dele Hawked, People gave up on him, he had little to feed himself while in the University, he was threatened, i experienced all these, am still experiencing some though.

Everybody always has the good the bad and the ugly side(Uncle Bob inclusive), what i do is to pick the good and leave the rest. I have never tried to copy him, all i do is just to be myself and work toward becoming as great as he is.

People might be wondering if i have ever seen or meet him before, NO, we have not met but i do read his weekly column in Thisday Newspaper. I read that column once in a while.

The very first time i knew i was on my way to become the next Dele Momodu was when i (With MID) had a 30 Minutes audience with Adeyemi College of Education Provost Prof Olukoya Ogen in his office on June 12, 2015. That day has been evergreen even though am not that really close to Prof like many people are thinking or are made to believe, we talk once in a blue moon.

I could remember sometime last year when i had a chat with him on an Alumnus of the College who was Appointed as Commissioner for information in Edo State, He (Prof Ogen) told me ”Tie e na ma de” literary meaning (yours is on the way), to be honest, i haven’t been able to get that statement off my head since then, am just wondering if a great scholar like Prof Ogen can says this to me, that mean he sees something great in me. The statement has spured me more. Never to relent. Keep pushing.

Ever since that meeting, i knew i was up for something great, after that event i have met alot of people, people of high calibre within and outside the college and sadly i realised people outside the college tend to appreciate me more, let me give you some instances, i was at a social gathering late last year, one of creme de la creme in Ondo State Poltics (Name Witheld) came to me to my table to showed encomium on me, i was dazed, i later got to know he was a regular reader of my posts on facebook. This is a man who has never for once like or commented on my post. What this teaches is to always strive to be the best in whatever you are doing, you never know who might watching, even here in my hometown(Ipele) i never knew i was that Popular until i went home for yuletide, i got a contracted Job on my birthday to cover and write a story through that, it wasnt for free though and the list goes on.

There are times i feel like quitting but i alway have a rethink when i remember am still on my Next Dele Momodu mode, it kinda motivative. There is a target ahead of me which i have to beat .


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