The 2016 graduands of Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto have expressed their sadness over the delay in the release of their notification of results which would enable them to proceed for their youth service.


By: Hassan Temitope & Habibu Bawa Usman


The graduands who after some eight months of fulfilling the requirements of graduation are yet to be issued notification of results, let alone been awarded certificate, took to their various social media platforms to express their grievances. They described the delay as pathetic for a school functioning in the 21century.

Ridwan Ibrahim who studied Law expressed his unhappiness about the delay of results by the school management saying,”The delay has cost us this year’s law school and service for those who are not willing to attend law school.We can also not secure any jobs because most of the employers request for our certificates.” He further lamented having studied Law for six years instead of five years due to the ASUU strike and still having to wait this long to get his notification.

Olawumi Yasin Muhammad, who is one of the affected students said; I do not know the logic behind the delay, but it is good they release us from this bondage”.

Alabidun Sarat, who studied Applied Chemistry, said she need to apply for scholarships and master degree programme but she has not been able to go about it because of the notification delay. “Even if I will not serve now. I can at least further my education”, she said.

Another affected student, Ibrahim Hamman who studied Geography said; The school should release the results in batch if at all their reason for delaying the result is to release the notification once and for all. He also suggested that the management should embrace technology as he made reference to his cousin who graduated from Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin in August 2016, received his notification of results and got mobilised by November of the same year to serve with stream 2. “Danfodiyo can do better than that”, he concluded.

A student who graduated in the 2012/2013 academic session, Attahiru Ahmad Musa said, the long-term delay of students result was not a new thing in UDUS. Past graduates had to wait for almost a year or more before getting their certificates.

The Dean of Students Affairs, Prof. Adamu Aliero while responding to the journalist on the issue enjoined the graduands to be patient and that the notification of results will be out soon. “We are aware that we may not be able to mobilise our students to serve in the Batch A for this year anymore, but too much degree of certainty they will be mobilised in the next batch”, student she said. However, he never stated the reason for the delay in release student’s notification of results.


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