The Students Union Election of University of Ibadan has come and gone, with no record of Violence recorder. 

Comr. OJO ADEREMI who emerge the 2017 student union President, took to the social media to appreciate everyone that contributed to the success of the election & Unibadan students who show him an overwhelming support. 

Stressing it, he said The academia in Nigeria is not inferior to the academia in Great Britain,  the simple difference is the way the two nations treats it’s people.

Read OJO Aderemi Appreciation Article bellow;

By Ojo Aderemi 

I appreciate the overwhelming support I had from University of Ibadan students. It is a new occurrence. An occurrence which, in known history of our Union, has never occurred. This simply manifests the fact that students are eager for real change. We came together to form a body of intelligent individuals to whom societal change has become an obsession. Individuals within this political campaign group put both intellectual and physical support together to achieve all of these.


In as much as we celebrate this hard earned victory (through sweat and pain of many students who supported our campaign), we also do reiterate that we need to ‘double-up’ our research on students welfare and several other issues affecting the lives and future of students directly. These things are the things we must take seriously and if possible, more than what some people have mistaken for ‘primary purpose’ in the University. Some say it is academics but I laugh. The reason for all academic pursuit is the improvement of living standard of all human beings around the world. The word ‘Universe’ gave us the word ‘University’. Universal knowledge for the purpose of human development. The academia in Nigeria is not inferior to the academia in Great Britain. The simple difference is the way the two nations treats it’s people. In Nigeria, there is rather this complete disconcern for human welfare while in Britain, there is (at least), little respect for it. This was achieved through the consistent activities of student and labour activists in Britain in those days…


We stand for the ideals of students unionism which is an intellectual, sociological and physical crusade for better welfare condition on our University campuses around the country.
We will deliver on our promises to the last letter by every legitimate means necessary.
To all those who took the campaign to every corner of the student community we say thank you.

To all those who supported our opponents too, you did a good job. It was an intellectual contest -even better than previous years. You haven’t lost. You have only exercised democratic principles and we will be open to you -to work together for the change we so much desire. The Union is not the property of anybody’s father. We all paid Union dues. So you can cooperate with the newly elected leadership in developmental issues. Hon. Abass Hamzat Ayodeji gave me a call -in solidarity. Igbonekwu Valentine and I also spoke too and I hope to combine ideas with him for sake of the Union.

Meanwhile, I, with this medium do wish the individuals involved in the accident quick recovery from their wounds. From my observation when I visited, I found that they are faring well with medical treatment.

To the elected candidates of the Executive Council of our Union, I can say you are already part of a long lasting legacy.

To all University of Ibadan students, I can always boast that you are the best. I believe I am coming in as the leader of the Union when a generation of students who posses the capacity to change the entire country for better.

To the Electoral Committee of the Students’ Union, I say you did a great job.

To the Vice Chancellor, members of the administrative cadre of the University and the academia let me remind you that there is a global demand on our University and we must respond.

Our Union must be strong, vibrant and virile again.

Ojo Aderemi
President-elect, University of Ibadan Students’ Union.


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