Report reaching us from Obafemi Awolowo University, that a student of University of Abuja  identified as Dayo was found defrauding OAU Student of accommodation by issuing fake receipt to them. 
He was said to be using a receipt belong to his dad, who used to be a real estate agent, Land Agent, property MANAGER, Corporate Consultants and General Contractors in BENSON DICKSON NIG. Company, Suite 7A Angle 90 Rd.,Phase 1, Gwagwalada, Abuja-FCT.

In the course of Investigation by the Student Union Security committee of OAU, thorough questioning and scrutiny, he confess that he has duped and defrauded four of OAU student which two had came to report. 

He defrauded the first complainant of the sum of one hundred and fifty thousand naira (150,000)  over two bedroom flat accommodation and the second complainant of the sum of Fortyfive thousand naira which was a part Payment for a bedroom flat (45,000). 

The fraudster was epileptic patients and has been on drugs for some times. Having notice this by the security committee he was asked to call his mother who said she will call his uncle in Ile – Ife to come for his aid. 

The investigation of the fraud case is still in progress as they await the presence of the fraudster’s uncle. 
The Students Union Security Committee in their press Release crave the indulgence of any OAU Student to report if  have within his/her capacity any information that can help them on this case. And call for other student who have been defrauded and are yet to report should please report to their office as soon as possible. 


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