Ore Mary Ayokanmi & Onikoko Hamid Aponmade won the faculty of art, University of Ilorin Inter-departmental oratorical Contest which was slated for the 26th of april 2017 in honour of the outgoing faculty’s dean, Prof. A S ABDULSALAM took place in the art lecture theatre.

The programme started exactly at 11:15 instead of the stated 10:00, due to some in house issues faced by the faculty executives.

Welcome speech was given by the Faculty president, Comr. Aduragbemi Emmanuel immediately after the opening prayer was given in the Christian and Muslim way respectively. 

In an opening speech given by the honourary, Professor A.S. Abdulsalam admonished students to always put on their tags in line with the rules of the university. 

Mr. Lekan Olaleye delivered a lecture (the key sponsor of the contest from K.R.C) on the topic, “Life after the University.”

He spoke on the desire of many to succeed by getting a good job after their certificate programme. He also shared his experience in and outside the school in which he revealed that he graduated from BBF 14yrs,10 months, 45 days,12 hours ago.

In his words, “the problem of Nigerians is not unemployment but unemployability,” emphasising the need for self discovery as one of the antidotes to success. “It was once said that Nigerian graduates are unemployable. There are various job opportunities that can be ventured into but most restrain from doing such jobs on the assertion of the mindset that there are some works graduates must not engage in for the standard of the work will speak low of their certificate,” he said.

He further highlighted some of the problems of unemployment which include; inability of graduates to use the computer softwares effectively and the inability to write well and constructively stressing the fact that no employer pays his/her employee for the certificate owned rather they are being paid for the problems they are able to solve.

According to him, the toughest challenge of the employers is where to locate the right employee. 25 minutes of speaking intellectually was indeed a fruitful one as it took the audience who had listened well to give him rounds of claps as he indicated the end of his lecture delivery with a bow to the audience.
Bellow her the contestants according to their departments in the following order: 

  1. Linguistics and Nigerian Languages, Aremu Daniel Toluwalase (Chief Speaker) & Oyesiji Abdul-Azeez (Supporting speaker);
  2. English Department: Alade Elijah Germane (Chief Speaker) & Babaita Nurudeen Okikiola (Supporting Speaker).
  3. Arabic Department: Oladoja Mohammad (Chief Speaker) & Aisha Amusan (Supporting Speaker).
  4. History & International Relations: Ore Mary Ayokanmi (Chief Speaker) & Onikoko Hamid Aponmade (Supporting Speaker).
  5. Performing Arts Department: Aponmade Ayobami (Chief Speaker) & Yunusa Hanifah (Supporting Speaker).
  6. Religion Department: Justice Eyo (Chief Speaker) & Aremu Ayokunle (Supporting Speaker).
  7. French Department: Kolawole Toluwalase (Chief Speaker) 

Rounds by rounds each speaker took the podium to air their views on the topic, “Early Marriage: A Solution to the Problem of Promiscuity Rampant among Nigerian Youths.”

After listening to the views of the  contestants, the result was collated in the rank of the least to the highest with Arabic department coming 7th with 42.5%. Others include: English department (6th with 50%), French department (5th with 52.5%), Performing Arts department (4th with 59.1%), Linguistics and Nigeria languages department (3rd with 60.6%), First runner up- Religion department (with 61.6%), and the Runner up, History and International Relations with 67.5%.



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