WE DON'T NEED YOU – TASUED Students' Union tells shuttle drivers.


By: Oluwaoshogo


The Premier Tai Solarin University Of Education Student Union Government have decided to revamp the students’ transportation system due to the growing animosity between the students and the shuttle drivers and the high cost of transportation (#70) in which the shuttle drivers charge the students.
The Students’ Union Transport Director in person of Comrade Idowu Akinkunmi stated that the growing animosity between the students and the shuttle drivers was ignited further as a result of the drivers refusal to convey students to Oke-Imosan for the protest even when the students’ union offered to pay for the service, he further claimed he had reached out to the shuttles’ union Chairman and General Secretary popularly known as MISOBE and ONIMOLE to help them convey buses to Oke-Imosan in which they replied that they would meet with their members and give a feedback to him, he said he gave them constant calling during the weekend which they failed to pick up, he also said he got the information that the management ordered them not to convey the students, thus the students’ union had to reach out to Olabisi Onabanjo University Students’ Union for help and they helped with 10 buses while the students’ union sourced for six more buses which conveyed them to Oke-Imosan for protest.

According to Com. Idowu Akinkunmi spurred the students to rent their agitations against the drivers on the 8th February, 2017 which continued on Thursday 9th February, 2017.

As early as 6:00am, students had arrived Anglican Church in Ijagun and the front of the school entrance to stop the shuttle drivers from conveying students for #70. Olabisi Onabanjo University Student’s Union gave TASUED Students’ Union a bus on Wednesday to help convey students at the rate of #50, they assisted with another bus on Thursday and have promised to assist with three more buses on Friday.

Some Old shuttle drivers have also agreed to reduce the transport price to #50 and there are also currently operating with the O.O.U Buses, there also tricycles conveying students.

Comrade Jerry Ayelesan a 300 level Business Education student stated that some shuttle drivers had gone to meet traditional rulers for assistance and some have also started pleading with the student’s union to re-consider their plight.

He further stated that the acceptance level of the UBUNTU Regime led by COMRADE SANNI RAHMON has grown among the students due to changes in the transport sector evident by the growing applaudable comments by students.

Students have also shown a positive reaction towards this change, A 200 level Human Kinetics student in person of Comrade Oluwasegun Adebowale said “The decision is good; it will benefit the bus drivers, though the car drivers would not be happy but most importantly the students are happy”.


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